We partner to develop and produce original content with a sports theme, and we help clients translate their vision to film, television, or digital media.

SPorts production

ReelSports prepares your team to win.

We cover all the bases to ensure that actors, athletes, and cameras are ready to roll.

• Story Development and Strategic Planning
• Actor Training and Athlete Casting
• Playbook Development and PreVisualization
• Sports Choreography and Directing
• Action Cinematography and Editing


Our team of elite coaches, performance specialists, and athletic trainers, design and implement fully customizable plans to meet every actor or athlete's individual goals.

• Skill Acquisition and Technical Instruction
• Sport Specific Strength and Conditioning
• Sports Psychology and Tactical Training
• Nutrition Counseling and Injury Prevention


ReelSports is the premier source for athletic actors and talented athletes.

In a movie or television production, these athletes are officially referred to as "Special Ability Extras" or "Special Skills Extras."

• Athletes
• Coaches
• Officials
• Referees


We seek to understand the needs and aspirations of every person and organization with whom we work.  And what makes your story unique.

No matter what you want to achieve for your organization, team, or yourself, you need a plan that’s tailored to you.

We connect clients to the solutions they need, providing individualized plans based on time-tested fundamentals and research.

The Benefits

The action looks and feels real
because it is real…even when it's not.

We speak both languages fluently:
sports and entertainment.

It's not the will to win that matters.
It's the will to prepare to win that matters.

We don't always reinvent the wheel,
but we always try to give it a new spin.

We train like underdogs and play like champions.

A proven track record
on the world's biggest stages.

We believe in the power of sport
and the magic of storytelling.

Ability to match award-winning strategy
with busniess efficiency and results.

Filming the action while advancing the story
is what elevates our team to another level.

We are the worldwide leaders at what we do.


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